What we can do for you?

Cases with customised interiors

When instruments or electronic components have to be built into cases, it is necessary to make foam cut-outs of various shapes and sizes. We can do cut-outs to a depth of 300 mm. These inserts are usually made of different PE foams, but they can also be from antistatic foam. We are the exclusive distributor of the excellent German company Hofbauer and supply several sizes of aluminium carrying cases of top quality.

The highly versatile range is available in different sizes and bright colours:
- Streamlined design with an integral handle and independent catches
- Maximises the possibilities for a variety of applications
- Attractive design and adaptable functionality
- User-friendly and reliable snap-shut catches
- Rectangular design optimises the use of interior space
- Reliable living hinge
- Excellent surface finish is ideal for printing logos
- Moulded from the incredibly durable and recyclable Acrylnitrile-Butadiene-Styrene (ABS) material
- Complete the package with a customised foam interior – please contact us regarding further customisation options

Transport packaging inserts

We produce inserts for packaging in cardboard boxes and cases or wooden boxes made of OSB panels. They are very useful and ensure safe transporting of electronic machines and other fragile devices. These elements or inserts can also be manufactured from antistatic EPE foam.

Films and bags

We manufacture EPE film (thickness 1 mm) and PE bubble film in various formats. We also produce reclosable bags of various sizes. All films and bags can be made of antistatic materials.

Antistatic materials

Due to the sensitivity of electronic devices, there has been a growing demand for antistatic materials. We can offer you a wide range of antistatic packaging materials.

Transport cases with inserts

Our wooden boxes are made of OSB panels of different thickness and can be fitted with handles. The covers are closed with wood screws or clasps which can be easily and repeatedly opened.

Other products

Our manufacturing machines allow us to produce a variety of products made of plastic, rubber, felt, acrylic and other materials. This section is primarily aimed at tailor-made solutions for our clients and does not include a fixed product range.

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